Act of a Prodigal…. How LASAA Boss,Mobolaji Sanusi Wasted Lagos Fund to Power Intoxication

Managing Director of LASAA, Mobolaji Sanusi

Until sometime last year that they disappeared, Mikano branded traffic warden booths were common sight at different junctions and roundabouts around Lagos metropolis. The booths where traffic wardens consisting of police personnel and LASTMA officials do take cover to prevent sun and sometime rest, when the arises, used to be supplied by Mikano International Limited. The generator dealing company, according to findings also provided money in the tune of several millions of naira for maintenance purposes of these booths all as a form of their own Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR.

LASTMA branded traffic warden booth

The manner at which disappearance of these booths occurred and what the consequences have been, are reasons why the issue has been a source of concern in some quarters in the state. Findings have however revealed the blame of the incident is traceable to door step of the point man of Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency, LASAA, Mobolaji Sanusi, who is described as a power drunk fellow. The whole issue, it was learnt started when Bolaji allegedly ordered to have a meeting with the chairman of Mikano, Modif. He was alleged to have vehemently refused to hold the said meeting since the Mikano chairman insisted on having other members of Mikano management team in attendance which Sanusi was opposed to as he was alleged to have said he wanted the meeting to be strictly between him and Mikano chairman, Modif.

Upon refusal of the Modif to attend the meeting alone, Mobolaji, insiders revealed, ordered Mikano to ensure the booths were initially taken off the roads. Management of Mikano, it was learnt refused to heed to Mobolaji’s order on the excuse that the booths were given to the police and it was the police that had the right to discuss about the booths with them. Sanusi’s action was said to have however succeeded in discouraging Mikano from continuing with CSR that decided to stay off. Hence, the booths became unmaintained, some spoilt and the rest gradually removed from the road that only a few can be seen around.

Apparently, the need for these booths have been felt by the authorities in charge of traffic that they made arrangement booths with LASTMA branded on them, and of course funded by Lagos state. The fund used in the procurement of the new booths, some are of the view, the state could have channeled it into another thing if Mobolaji had not destroyed CSR project the state was benefiting from Mikano.

This development, according to those who should know, has not only fetched the managing director of LASAA, Mobolaji tag of a power drunk but also that of a prodigal son who over frivolous issue decided to squander fund of Lagos state on project that was hitherto used to be taken care by corporate organization in form of CSR. Mobolaji, who according insider, is said considered mean and raises his shoulder beyond what he could boast of in terms of intellectual capacity, for his alleged role in wrecked Mikano’s CSR, is likened to government officials who frustrate private sector participation in supporting governance not minding how much the government crave partnership with the corporate world to advance cause of the people and ensure infrastructural development.  Meanwhile, the LASAA boss action, sources alleged was borne out of his bid to please wife of a big Lagos politician who runs a school around Lekki. The woman, it was revealed had approached Sanusi to use his influence to get Mikano labeled booths around her school off so she could brand some in name of her school and put there.  This was what Sanusi was initially wanted to achieve but decided to get Mikano booths off Lagos roads as the alpha and omega of LASAA operation, since he could not have his way with the said Lekki portion.  

In order to get a reaction from Sanusi over allegation leveled against him, phone calls and text messages were made to him, but he never responded to either of them.


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