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Adron Boss, Adetola King takes over MKO Abiola’s shoe as Bobajiro of Ode-Remo



Call Emmanuel Adetola King a business idealist and strategist, you won’t be wrong; that is because enviable results of his exploits in the world of real estate are there to speak for themselves.

Adetola King discovered there was a vacuum to be filled in real estate which is the need to make housing affordable for all and sundry, and backing this great idea with master stroke strategy, headways were not only achieved, the gesture opened eyes of many into the business and that has made Adetola, founder of Adron Homes, a pathfinder.

While Adetola King has an inspiring success story to tell, it is also important to note that through activities of his flourishing outfit, Adron, so much has been contributed to the growth of the country’s economy by creating various kinds of jobs for multitudes who are benefitting from the company. Through his various contributions to the economy, it was discovered the dude has been ceaselessly celebrated wherever he goes in order to appreciate and encourage him.

On this premise, Adetola Emmanuel just added another feather to his cap. This time, he took over the shoes of late MKO Abiola as the Bobajiro of Ode- Remo. Bashorun Abiola was the first to be decorated as Bobajiro of Ode-Remo in Ogun State.

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