Adron Homes Takes the Lead at RECA, Adjudged Biggest & Best-Run Real Estate Firm in Nigeria


Adron Homes Takes the Lead at RECA, Adjudged Biggest & Best-Run Real Estate Firm in Nigeria

It certainly amounts to stating the obvious to say Adron Homes ranks among most well established and most sought-after real estate business hubs in the sub Sahara Africa, what is most likely to be of interest this time around, is that the firm has again been recognized for its exploration.


The leading and record setting organisation, Adron Homes, has been recognized with the award of the biggest and best-run real estate firm in Nigeria, at the just concluded Real Estate Conference and Recognition Awards (RECA), during the weekend.

The event, which was held in Lagos witnessed a gathering of elites and many real estate practitioners from different parts of Nigeria.

Adron Homes was recognized based on integrity and consistency in the real estate business among her contemporaries in Nigeria and beyond.


It could be recalled that Adron Homes has successfully provided nothing less than 2500 low cost housing for Nigerians at an affordable prices. Not only that, the company has also made land so affordable and accessible for average Nigerians to become their landlords with verifiable testimonies.


It currently boasts of quality presence in eight states in Nigeria, including Abuja, Nassarawa, Niger, Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Lagos States, and Benin Republic, with plans of expansion into other states within and outside the country, in its quest to serve its customers better.


“Our offices are almost at every corner around the major cities in Nigeria. You can easily walk into any of them and speak with our customer care executives to get your own land and luxury homes irrespective of your profession and class,” said Aare Adetola Emmanuel King, Adron Homes’ boss.


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