Amidst Pomp, Oladapo, Adenike Become One in Matrimony


Having satisfactorily been through phases of life that certifies a man ready and up to the task for marital status, many were curious as regards who would be the lucky girl that will sweep Oladapo Olakojo, a top staffer of TVC/Max FM media organization, off his feet, and eventually, Oladapo found his missing rib in the person of beautiful Adenike. Wedding bells would eventually ring and all roads led to LCCI event Centre, Ikeja in Lagos, where all the necessary processes were billed to take place.

Months reduced to weeks, weeks reduced to days and the anticipated event, wedding ceremony between Oladapo and Adenike eventually took place Sunday, 11TH December. Well wishers and guests of the parties turned out in their numbers to felicitate the lovers and share in their joy as they moved into a new beginning of life. While men were dressed in white and purple Aso Ebi, the ladies outclassed one another with various styles in colour purple and Lilac. Those at the center of attractions, Dapo and Nike, were also resplendent in their attires. Necessary steps of event were religiously observed and the event got to its crescendo when the lovers were finally pronounced man and wife. With joy pervading the atmosphere and everything went as expected, one cant but say it was a successful outing for the concerned families even as great memories of the event will sure linger in the minds of the guests.


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