Biola Okoya Finds Her Groove


As the eldest child of a man of immense wealth and affluence like billionaire industrialist, Alhaji Razak Akanni Okoya, the kind of closeness, love that would be between Biola and her dad can only be left to the imagination.

For irreconcilable reasons, the once enviable relationship between father and daughter ceased to exist but degenerated to a level where the two became parallel lines. At this point, Biola decided to relocate abroad and was there for some years.

Since blood is thicker than water, Biola felt she could no longer continue to be at loggerheads with her father, so she returned home and began to make moves to see how the conflict on ground could be committed to history.

To ensure the issue was trashed from the roots, she sought the service of former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo to mediate on her behalf. Gracefully, Obasanjo was able to reconcile father and daughter and things came back to normal.

While the feud lasted, beautiful Biola, who was supposed to be enjoying the status of Okoya’s eldest child and live her life to the fullest could not do so as she was on self-imposed exile.

As everything is now cleared up between father and daughter, the light skinned lady has returned to take her rightful position and live her desired life. She has since become a social butterfly who mixes freely with her ilk at high profile social events.


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