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BREAKING NEWS by Lagos4Ambode



We want to state the facts clearly that 57 Local govt. chairmen in Lagos,  never signed any Aspirant”s form on the 10th of September  2018, or attended any political gathering on that day.

Most of them attended Gov. Ambode’s declaration in Ikeja and were called with the excuse of urgent meeting to watercress hotel on Awolowo way in Ikeja. Getting there, they met the political  cowboys that ambushed them.   ASIWAJU has distanced himself from the political cowboys. Asiwaju being a true democrat, and the leader of all of us, always encourages us to go into elective offices, whenever we go and inform him of our ambition. Therefore, anyone obtaining a gubernatorial form for Lagos , does not amount to Asiwaju opposing Gov. Ambode, who has done him proud with his performance. Anyone claiming that Asiwaju has endorsed him in an hotel in ikeja as the next governor of Lagos state , prior to the APC direct primary, is taking the party members for a ride, and taking the general electorate for granted.  The watercress show is  purely a political move but we all know we are in the season.

Gov. Ambode has not made any statement regarding the aspirations of fellow APC members. Nor did he make any comments about his Benefactor and our pathfinder ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Detractors are now very active in different angles and corners most especially on social media. Some even went further to claim that Gov. Ambode has moved to another political party. They only want to create chaos for us all.

Gov. Ambode’s loyalty to ASIWAJU is total and his commitment to lagosians is Absolute and APC remains the only platform for his aspiration.

Pls let us ignore social media propaganda and be focused on our mission.

Itesiwaju ipinle eko, lo je wa logun.



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