Coker Aguda LCDA Boss, Akinyemi-Obe Takes on Victor Olaiya, Poses Threat to His Life

Dr Victor Olaiya (left), Hon. Akinyemi-Obe

If information reaching us is anything to go by, there might be need for well-meaning Nigerians to come to the rescue of popular legendary Highlife singer, Pa Victor Olaiya as the man is said to have since lost his peace due to threats and discomfort he’s allegedly getting from the chairman of Coke Aguda Local Government Development Authority, Honorable Bolanle Akinyemi-Obe.

According to a reliable source, the LCDA chairman has been threatening Olaiya for months over a street named after the musician, allegedly saying the musician must pay a staggering amount if the name of the street should remain as it was.

Sources also alleged Bolanle is executing a clandestine agenda to rename the street after a friend of hers who is alleged to have promised to make payment of huge amount of money. 

As it is, many who are aware of the threat being pose on the life of the old man by Akinyemi-Obe,  are afraid it might lead to an unwanted situation for him as the pressure is said not to be helping his state of health. Also, those are privy to the issue frown at the position of Honorabe Bolanle as her action is perceived to be one targeted at ridiculing the octogenarian by stripping him of what the man could point at as part of honor done on him for his contributions to the country through entertainment. The street, it was learnt has been named after Olaiya long before Akiyemi-Obe was born.

Toward carrying out threat of stripping the legendary singer, a notice from LCDA has been posted on Sir Victor Olaiya’s house on Victor Olaiya Avenue in Aguda, Surulere. Content of the notice is said to be threatening to revoke his name with which the street was named and give to any interested individual who might be willing to pay if Olaiya fails to pay up. One Honorable Fouad is also alleged to have been calling to mount pressure of Baba on the order of Mrs. Akinyemi-Obe.

Meanwhile Sir Victor Olaiya who will be 90 this year, is said to have been bed ridden which means he rarely sees sunlight.

However, lovers of Olaiya and residents of the area who feel concerned about the old man’s plight in the hand of Bolanle are said to be planning a walk against the LCDA boss to protest action from her insensitivity. In the same vein, some are of the opinion Bolanle’s action might cost the ruling party, APC, the area even as elections are just weeks away.


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