Footage of how Baba Ijesha molested 14 year old girl

Olanrewaju James a.k.a Baba Ijesha


  1. Watching this clip severally, honestly, the video, not only looks like a drama, but a total setup, a crime organised to blackmail baba Ijesha.

    When they all, including the mother of the lady entered the living room, why leaving behind her daughter with someone she alleged to have had abused your daughter 7years ago, someone you didn’t trust.

    To confirm the setup, the lady, rather to follow her mother and others to wherever they all went, sat down with baba Ijesha, as if baba Ijesha is her boyfriend, she even went to closed the door while she returned to sit down on the same seat with baba Ijesha. Alas! What a planned script?

    It’s really unfortunate that baba Ijesha allowed himself to be used as a victim of an orchestrated blackmail. Candidly, many men who are womanisers could have fall victims to such organised blackmail from those you most trusted.

    Lest I forget, let men also control their urges for sex, and watch out for blackmailers amongst today’s ladies!


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