Gani Adams, Wife Welcomes another Child

Otunba Adams

The National Coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress, Otunba Gani Adams is a man whose life is no doubt an inspiring one.

It is without doubt that the Akoko, Ondo State born dude has become a success story today, but one thing that cannot be subtracted from his story is that he actually fought too many battles before attaining his present status.

His rare determination and doggedness has helped him make head ways. Gani also displayed rare courage and commitment to his wife, who for many years after their wedding had to endure absence of the fruit of the womb before they were eventually blessed with a child.

While the white loving dude has been basking in the continuous success of his brain child project, Oodua Peoples Union, OPU, his joy has just been doubled as his wife just put to bed.

The beautiful wife last Tuesday, delivered another baby girl and this has expectedly elicited joy in their home while preparation is in top gear to have a befitting child christening come next Tuesday.

On another note, sources reveal momentum is daily gathering towards actualising the title of Aare Ona Kakanfo, which news mill has been agog that Gani is designated to clinch



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