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A car engine training stimulator and demonstrator, alongside 5 pieces of OEM scanner and 500 Pieces of universal oil filter wrench, were today presented to OVH Energy Academy.


The gesture came from a leading firm in automotive industries, Garu Technologies Limited. 


The firm which is into sales/repair/training and services of all kinds of Automotive tools with full supports on up-to-date tech on diagnostic equipment and all other tools, argued that it remains a critical tool required to support easy process of Oil Change, especially Oleum brands of oil, to enhance the training and give more insight into the technology behind automotive engine.


On the other hand, OVH Energy is a leading oil and marketing retailer, which gives to its customers what it termed a sustainable high quality product and services which includes supply, technical expertise, and unmatched customer services nationwide.


Speaking in an interview with the Head, Lubricant, OVH energy Marketing, Lilian Ikokwu, argued that Oando has deemed it imperative to give back to the Nigerian society by educating and equipping auto technicians with the modern ways of troubleshooting fault in cars as well as solving car related problems. 


She added that: “About 5000 auto technicians will be beneficiaries of this good gesture buy OVH Energy within the space of five years with more than 1500 already benefited so far.”


Ikokwu commended the partnership with Garu technologies Nigeria Limited, which she said will enable technicians in the country to meet up with the required standard and have certified qualification of training.


She added that: “The impact of this social responsibility to the society cannot be over emphasized. 


“The good gesture by OVH Energy will improve the life span of many Nigerian cars, reduce the frustration of many Nigerian car owners, and most importantly, it will keep the auto technicians in business with modern technology in their disposal. 


“It will no doubt boost their human capacity which will turn to improved economic activities of the artisans and positively affect our society and Nigeria economy at large.


“Garu Technologies is distributor to more than 20 companies around the world, and we have customers all over the country and across West Africa.”


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