Edo state born Idahosa Okunbo, but widely known as Hosa Okunbo, from what is known of him happens to be one who personally is not given to being under the spotlight, but unfortunately for him, this part of him has long been deprived of him as he’s been announced to the world by the immense success he’s made out of his life. As a business man who knows his onions, Captain Hosa, as he’s also called is doing very well in a number of pies he’s got his hands into. The chairman of Ocean Marine limited deals in oil, shipping, construction to mention a few. It is worthy of note that he’s been hailed and celebrated for a big farm he made in Edo state from which the community and other people are benefiting from.

Of course, Hosa loves good life and that explains why he committed huge amount of money to the wedding ceremony of his daughter that made headlines sometimes back. The deep pocket business man is in the news again, and the reason this time is not one that makes him happy. Following the allegation of fund misappropriation leveled against former minister of petroleum, Deziani Madueke in which a few others have been connected, Hosa’s name was recently mentioned in the same scandal and like a man whose hands are clean and has no skeleton in his cupboard, the dude has since been telling whoever that cares to listen that the ugly development is handiwork of his detractors. He’s also been so confident that he dares anyone with evidence of his alleged connection in the scam to show up as he’s said to be ready face the consequences if found wanting.


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