How Tope Alabi Humiliated me Publicly – Gospel Singer, Oba Ara


Top gospel singer, Rotimi Onimole better known as Oba Ara, has narrated the terrible experience he had with popular gospel singer, Evangelist Tope Alabi.

The incident, it was learnt played out seven years ago.

Oba Ara recalled he Evangelist Tope Alabi was one of the guests artists he invited to perform at his yearly Power In Praise Concert, seven years ago, at Cele Praying Ground, Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos.

According to him, prior to the event, he had paid her the required fee and her management assured him she would be present at the program.

He said Alabi eventually arrived around 2am while other celebrity gospel artists like Evangelist Lanre Teriba Atorise, Evangelist Dare Melody and host of others were already on ground.

In his usual character and the way he was raised by his parents whereby he respects people older than him and those he’s older than, Oba Ara said he approached her and greeted her by according her the respect due to her. But to his utmost surprise, immediately Tope mounted the stage, the first thing she said which was to hurt his ego and made him inferior was to deny him by saying “If you see this guy prostrating for me before all of you, I don’t know him from Adam. Today is the first time I am seeing him, I never know him before’.

Oba Ara revealed he was so embarrassed that he almost collapsed in shame. He said he felt the ground should open and swallow him, because according to him, he had never been that humiliated in his life. However, he said he managed to compose himself and acted nothing happened even though he was not happy.

He further revealed he had no idea another round of embarrassment was coming she was said to have done the worst when she started ministration proper.

“Immediately she sighted camera recording her performance, she ordered the camera be taken off, saying we didn’t have agreement to record her. She added that people don’t return from the court and still remain friends. I understood her message immediately and I told my crew to vacate the stage” Oba Ara stated.

Onimole said her action cost him not to have her performance on tape.

Oba Ara added Tope Alabi, from that time has continued to snub him whenever they meet and he made attempt to greet her. He said he had continued to greet her despite being snubbed because he needed to justify his calling as a minister of God.

“Those two incidents in the hand of Aunty Tope made me lose the love I had for her for her and I had since formed a different perception of her different from what I used to think. And I think that character as that of a bigger cock that does not want the small ones to crow” he concluded.

Credit – Ojutole


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