‘I HAVE FUN WITH MY FEMALE FANS’—US based singer, Yinka Rythmz

Yinka Rythmz

Son of late popular Fuji singer, Alhaji  Rasheed  Adio otherwise known  2nd Barrister Lagerige, Adeyinka Quadri Adeola- Hazzan a.k.a Yinka Rythmz is one of the popular music acts making waves in diaspora. Omo Somebody, as the award winning singer is also called is not all about music, he’s also carved a niche for himself as a certified pharmacist in the United States of America where he resides.

Yinka Rythmz, father of three, a philanthropist, in this interview spoke about his involvement with music, career as a pharmacist, family and how fulfilled his relationship with female fans have been among other interesting topics.

Omo Somebody

Who really is Yinka Rythmz?

My name is Adeyinka Quadri Adeola-Hazzan. I am popularly known as Yinka Rythmz a.k,.a Omo Somebody. I am based in the United States of America in the state of Nevada… in the world Entertainment City, Las Vegas. My Father is the late Alhaji Rasheed Adio a.k.a 2nd Barrister lagerige. He was also known as Mr. Somebody.  Music is my inheritance from my late father while Medical field (pharmaceutical) is my everyday profession. I am one out of his thirteen children and I’m the only one that chose to carry his legacy regardless of my busy life. I am a single father, i have three beautiful children.


 Who did music start for you actually?

I was born into music, raised by the profit made from the music. I came to United States with my dad in the year 1996/1997. As a child, i had passion for playing drums and used to go to shows with my late father to play with him back in Houston. This made me a popular drummer and i played for churches, local artists…at exhibitions and for prominent artists of all genres. I mean, artists like late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, General Kollinghton Ayinla, Dele Taiwo, Rasheed Ayinde, Osupa Saheed, Obesere, Sir Shina Peters and all other US based artists and bands.

While i was in college 2001/2002, i toured with King Wasiu Ayinde, K1, playing the drums. In 2003 i moved to California, i joined a band called Samco Success, we were all together for over four years before i started concentrating on my pharmaceutical business after my graduation. At this time I had gotten a job in Las Vegas. I was also in the choir at the RCCG House of Praise. The instrumentalist of the church decided to add color to the annual anniversary of the church in 2008. We set up a reception after the main anniversary service and i was asked to lead the band due to my life band experience. That was the 1st time i stood in front to sing. It was so welcoming. That night we got invited to two separate shows in Vegas.

In 2009, my father died and Artist night was organized in his honor. When I was called to give vote of thanks, one artiste, Sir Melloh Rythmz prevailed on me to sing and I ended up doing one of my dad’s songs, Oriki. Everyone in the auditorium were in tears. That was the day, i was mandated by my father close friends, band members and relatives never to let go of his legacy. I started my band officially in 2010. I called De’Rythmz band.
In 2012/2013 I was approached by numerous vendors in the area of sponsorship and promotions, we got numerous recognition and we decided to embark on a tour called “R U DONE”. We toured twenty major cities. It was sponsored by Nuvo french Wine and Vomoz communication. 2015 was the year of “I am somebody tour”.  We performed in  parties, concerts, church events and exhibitions.  My Las Vegas annual end of the year concert is one of the biggest shows in The US, where i feature prominent Nollywood actors, hip hop artists, dancers, comedians and fashion show.

How do you combine pharmacy and music?

My Monday to Thursday, all for medical and nothing else,
but Friday to  Sunday, I dedicate to entertainment.
 How many albums do you have to your credit?

I’m working on my first Album. I have three singles out already

Tell us about the singles

I have over twelve tracks recorded…some of them featuring artistes like
9ice, CDQ, Rudeboy of P,square, Chivibes, KTblings, Niniola, Emmanyra and Oritsefemi.
5 points is my first single ever. It’s a story of my life and prophesies of God over human lives from the creation. It’s a statement of confirmation of who i am…I Am Somebody.
I did Morocco, where I featured one of New York R&B sensation Yemi sylezz. It’s a modern Apala feel with Pop touch to make fuji grove.
Morocco is about going to a land where there are riches, God’s glory and freedom. There is also Rock your boat. This one is simply an advice to my fans, saying control your life, control your blessings, be a channel to others… very fun song

 As a prominent artiste in the State, coupled with your generosity and good looks, how do you cope with female attention?

Female admires are the backbones of entertainment industry. We need them as much as they need us but it’s all about personal disciplines. You have to be very cautious in your area of personal relationships; you must know when to draw the line and most importantly your communication ethics.
For me, it’s been fun… awesome fun having female admirers and it’s drama free.

Who are your role models in the music industry?

I appreciate King Sunny Ade, late Alhaji Epo Akara and 9ice. I also admirer Wyclef Jean and Jill Scott.

 Let’s talk about your annual concert?

 Las Vegas is all about my hometown; it’s the capital city of the entertainment world
 Do you have any award to your credit?

In 2012, I got Unique African Music Ambassador of Las Vegas. Also in 2012, I was decorated with Award of Excellence in Fort Lauderdale, Miami by Murphy law Entertainment. 2013, I was awarded Artiste of the Year, by NPA, Nigeria Promoters Association. In the same year, 2013,I was given Miami Cultural ambassador award, by 1st Nigeria councilman in Miami Garden, Erhabor Ighodaro.
In 2014, I got the Apase of west Coast by Yoruba Heritage in Dallas and 2015, Outstanding Achievement Award.2016, NAFB outstanding Artiste of the year. Still in 2016, AHBEA Artist of the year, Houston.2016 Award of Excellence by ABDORC in Canada.

 How would you describe the brand of music you play?

Classical Fuji with Afro hip modern juju with highlife afro R&B with contemporary jazz
 Is any of your siblings also into music?


 How will you describe yourself?

 I’m a fun lover, very charismatic. I’m full of life, I hate to be bored. I’m very creative, I’m a hardworking person. I’m also a go-getter. I enjoy helping others. I am a strong believer of faith. I am somebody, I’m not everybody, I’m not anybody, I’m Yinka Rythmz.

How compare you compare music in United States and here?

There is a lot of competition in Nigeria, there’s no implementation. No policies and procedure guiding the copyright securities. Here in the US, there’s what we called “Rights”. There are implementations set aside guiding producers, promoters, artists and instrumentalists.
Yes, entertainment is more expensive here in the US compare to Nigeria but the guidelines made it easier and we are so relaxed and feel safe to do anything concerning production and promotion of our works knowing well that there are laws, rules, regulations and  act of Laws that secure our works and music.

  Would you consider dumping music for Pharmacy someday?

No! I think I enjoy how I do the two together. I don’t see myself dumping music for pharmacy.

You mean you can’t leave music for any other thing?

Music is my life. It’s my connection with my father.  I don’t think i can stop making music.

You are fondly called Omo Somebody by your fans. Tell us about it?

 Omo Somebody means Somebody’s son. Mr. Somebody was the nickname King Sunny Ade gave my daddy to replace his former Stage name, 2nd Barrister. After his demise, i acquired the name Omo Somebody.

What turns you off and what inspires you?

I get most of my inspiration from the fear of failure, the joy of meeting new people and most importantly the thought and challenges surrounding my father’s legacy.  My turn off is being bored. I hate to be bored.

Tell us about your memorable day?

The day i went to New York in 2011 during Gbas-Gbos tours and over four hundred people were present to meet, listen and enjoy what i had to offer. That was the 4th city we stopped at; moreover New York happened to be utmost challenge for my career because as at that time no one knew who Yinka Rythmz was not to talk of Omo Somebody. It was the day i got confirmation I was born to be great. The bad day was in New Jersey in 2011. We were meant to stop by to perform and when we got there, we discovered the promoter was deceiving us all along. All the advertising materials we had sent months earlier were never made use of. It was when we got there the promoter started making provisions for awareness. It was such a terrible experience because we ended performing for just twenty people as the audience.

What lesson did you learn from the incident?

The event taught me that people only promote ready-made artistes. They don’t believe in upcoming ones.



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