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Jimoh Ibrahim vs Aiyedatiwa: Ondo AG mutters governor’s defense, edge



Jimoh Ibrahim vs Aiyedatiwa: Ondo AG mutters governor’s defense, edge

Verily, Dr. Kayode Ajulo, SAN, OON hath once again graced us with his remarkable and astute proclamation.

The Attorney General of Ondo State did not falter nor waver when informed of Senator Jimoh Ibrahim, SAN’s legal endeavor against his esteemed principal, Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

With unwavering confidence, he exclaimed:

“By Jove! We are indeed LUCKY! In our fair land of Nigeria, a matter of pre-election nature hath no power to divest a sitting governor of their cherished immunity. As the Nigerian Constitution, specifically in Section 308, a sitting governor is shielded from both civil and criminal proceedings whilst they occupy their exalted office.

Pre-election matters, such as squabbles over party primaries or the selection of candidates, are customarily resolved by political parties or Federal High Courts which have no power to entertain cases where a sitting governor with immunity and such constitutional immunity cannot be taken away.

These matters lack the legal potency to strip a sitting governor of their immunity.

Lo and behold! Only the following avenues may render a governor bereft of their immunity:

1. The arduous process of impeachment, to be initiated by the esteemed State House of Assembly (as outlined in Section 188).
2. The hallowed grounds of an Election Petition, a constitutional provision necessitating recourse to the specialized court established by our revered Constitution.

And thus, he continued his discourse with a spontaneous outpouring of wit and wisdom…”

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