Kayode Ajulo Expresses Tribute, Gratitude to Late Funke Adedoyin


For Funke Adedoyin (1962-2018): Tribute & Gratitude!

I must find the words to say your worth
Even when all words left my harbour
And I wander for words as I wonder why you left at your zest’s peak!

Funke, beneficent, benevolent, beautiful, and brainy!

Like unripened fruit, plucked out by the winds from filial and fraternal bonding, and leaving acidic tastes on buds. Like a bird of beauty beaten by the bullets, lying quite and lifeless.

Funke, one of the kindest, candid, smartest I have known!

Our mutual friend, Toyin Oke, a dependable client and Publisher of StreetHawker connected our paths about 10 years ago and it has since been a fertile fruition of bliss, and of towering prospects so much that I wished our paths had crossed much earlier. You availed all, never holding back.

Funke, how shall we replace your intellect? your candor? your goodwill?

From the word go, you did, religiously, contribute to my life and career, watching the miles I made the way only a God-sent could. And that’s how your death is a huge loss for me, the way I believe it is for army others who were equally privileged to know you. While I believe Angels don’t die, and that you cannot for you are one, It’s my faith that you have only transited to superior spirithood where you would advance your duty as a guarding angel to some of us!

Funke, in thanking you, therefore, I have this to say:

√ Knowing you is a privilege I’ll continue to cherish.

√ Your friendship was a gift I’m thankful for.

√ I’m thanking you for standing by me through the thick and thin

√ I should thank you, always, for instructive counsel all through

Funke, my life is richer because you’e part of it!

Thank you, & Adieu, Sis.

Dr. Kayode Ajulo,
Principal Partner,
Kayode Ajulo & Co. Castle of Law,


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