Kayode Ajulo Pays Tribute to Late Cairo Ojougbo

Dr. Cairo Ojougbo

Dr Cairo Ojougbo, Your Race is Run, Fare-Thee-Well

A vibrant former member of the House of Representatives, he stood strong,
A voice of reason, in the chaotic throng.
His path and I intertwined with Chief E. K. Clark,
Fate’s hand at play, a connection from the dark.

Passionate and pragmatic, his heart ablaze,
For Nigeria’s progress, in myriad ways.
From the halls of power, to healing hands,
He served his nation, with unwavering stance.

A football match, a moment of delight,
Yet destiny’s twist, cast shadows in the night.
While patriotically watching Nigeria and South Africa contend,
His earthly journey met a sudden end.

But let us not mourn, for his spirit shall remain,
In the hearts he touched, where memories sustain.
For Dr. Cairo Ojougho, a legacy profound,
An epic tale of a life that will resound.

I raise my voices in a nostalgic song,
To honor his life, vibrant and strong.
May he find eternal peace in realms above,
Embraced by love, surrounded by divine love.

Farewell, dear Dr. Cairo, your race is run,
Your flame may have dimmed, but your legacy’s begun.
In the annals of greatness, your name shall thrive,
A cherished soul, we’ll remember as we strive.

-Dr Olukayode Ajulo, OON, SAN

Dr. Cairo Ojougbo



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