Lanre Teriba Drops ‘Life is Sweet’ as He Commences New Project


Having been around for sometime and still kicking, it’s certainly a sign famous singer, Lanre Teriba knows his onion regarding his musical career. One can comfortably say his versatility at what he does is part of  factors that has kept him on top of his game. Aside of being a recording artiste, his ability to cater for live audience in different settings i.e concert and parties could also be listed as part of his strength. Also, his proficiency in making use of different languages in his compositions, no doubt is a plus for him. Justnews reports.

However, in his bid to keep the flag flying, we can for free hint that the gifted inspirational singer is up to a new musical exploration that will sweep doubting Thomases of their feet as regards his abilities and ultimately, projects him in a more appreciable light. Although, he’s largely keeping the whole idea under wraps as he intends to let time unfolds it, however, in a move related to the project, Teriba just dropped a new single that is titled, Life is sweet, a track purely rendered in English language.

”Yes, there is new project that is being put together which in due time will become a public knowledge, and part of it is a single I just released”. Lanre said.

Life is Sweet, an inspirational piece of music  that speaks hope to a depressing or troubled mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It also explains why yesterday should be committed to history and tomorrow worth embracing  with a new energy and excitement.

Speaking further about the track and motive behind it “Everyone who has listened to Life is Sweet are of the opinion is unique and different but then, I think each of my work has different unique points. Having said that, I agree Life is Sweet is unique and different because of the motive behind it. Yes, we have done songs using English language and others but Life is Sweet is a song purely made in English. But more importantly, it resonates with my resolution to preach peace and hope around the world because, I have discovered many around the world have no peace and they lost hope, which results  to depression and other related conditions. So, I am making it a form of my  contribution to humanity to let people know that all is well. That is basically the whole concept behind Life is Sweet, and why it was made in English so it can cut across”.

Multiple award winning Lanre Teriba, has in the past few months been in the United States of America where he’s doing what he knows how to do best, dishing happiness to souls, as well as renewing hope for the hopeless, preaching preaching and love, all through the art of music.



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