Muma Gee Reminisced on Failed Marriage, Says, My Husband Used Me as A Meal Ticket

Muma Gee

It is no longer news that marriage between singer, Gift Iyumame, better known as Muma Gee and Nollywood actor, Prince Eke, is now history as the union has since packed up. Muma Gee is reported to have filed for divorce while the wide media attention that greeted crashing of the union has obviously subsided. However, the estranged wife, a beautiful mother of three, Muma Gee, recently revisited the incident as she reminisced on ugly situations she encountered in the spate of six years the marriage lasted. She relayed the experiences during a show in which she performed at X Factor Lounge, Surulere, Lagos.

Muma Gee, Prince Eke and their twins

In the narration that got emotionally stricken, Gift revealed she financed the home and had to take the husband back each time he misbehaved and begged her, before she eventually made up her mind to do away with him upon realizing Prince Eke was only using her as a mere meal ticket even as she was subjected to abuses. Her words, “In six years of marriage, my husband packed out of my house six times. Each time, he would return with cock-and-bull stories, buy a gift for me and we would make peace. All those years, I was responsible for all the financial responsibility that should normally be discharged by a man. I did not complain. On top of that, my husband cheated on me with different women. I took it all in the hope that he would be truly remorseful, but when I became convinced that he was using me as his meal ticket and he made the mistake of packing out of the house again, I told him it was over. He has been going around maligning my name. I never said anything in public until tonight. I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. I was faithful to my husband when I was his wife. Nobody can say that they caught me cheating on him. That is a bit of my story.”

The entertainers had met in a church in Lagos, fell in love and got married afterwards. The marriage was blessed with three children among which are a set of twins.

Meanwhile, in the show that was well-attended, One Nite: Live & Unplugged, the Theatre Art graduate put up a scintillating and exciting performance that left the audience spell bound. Applaud and admiration that greeted her performance can only be said to be a testimony to the fact that Muma Gee is back on stage and ready to surpass the height she had attained.

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