On D-Bush, I Hedge My Bet – By Olawale Olaleye

Hon. Dayo Alebiosu a.k.a D-Bush

On D-Bush, I Hedge My Bet – By Olawale Olaleye

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, earlier today, inaugurated a new team for his second run in office, setting off in full circle.

Without prejudice to his choice candidates, they all seem to boast impressive resume, coupled with solid experience and track records.

I can actually point to one or two like Mr. Gbenga Omotosho and Dr. Olajide Abiola Babatunde. These two men are professionals, who had peaked in their chosen fields.

Dr. Olajide is particularly an outstanding material any day, any time. Quick on his feet, he sure knows his onions.

But this is a dedication to an otherwise excellent pick in the person of Hon. Yacoob Dayo Bushira-Alebiosu, otherwise called D-Bush.

Smart, intelligent, brilliant, and cosmopolitan, Dayo’s insatiable search for knowledge is surprisingly incomprehensible, and the endearment to him.

Even while serving in the House of Representatives, he was attending regular leadership courses in different parts of the world. Seeking knowledge soon became his fetish after he failed to return to the House.

His understanding of issues, knacks for challenges, and propensity for breaking new grounds trade-mark his youthful energy that might be unmatched in cabinet, ultimately.

And, of course, these are complemented by his experience and track records as a serial performer.

Talk about a man, who would give his all in service to his people and constantly make defining statements, captured in his clear mission and vision, the choice of D-Bush promises to break new grounds in the governance of the state.

Hon. Dayo Alebiosu a.k.a D-Bush

To this end, I congratulate you, my dear brother, and it is my prayer that this will further launch you into greater heights.

Go forth, D-Bush, and show them the stuff you’ve got!


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