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Raid of E.K Clark’s Home by Police: His Lawyer, Kayode Ajulo Reacts



This afternoon , officers and men of the IGP Special Tactical Squad, a unit under the direct command of the Inspector General of Police, turned upside down and raided the Asokoro Residence of our  Client, the foremost Politician, Nationalist and Elder Statesman, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark on the pretext that they were in search for arms and ammunitions.

However, despite the siege and search, they found nothing incriminating our Client.

Our Client believes that the rather unfortunate pretext or reasons given by the Nigerian Police is just another figment of their wild imaginations.

The fact that a man of Chief Edwin Clark’s stature could have his house raided in this uncivil, undemocratic and brazen manner by the Nigerian Police underscores an anomalous/despotic tendency and is an indication of the recent clampdown on opposition voices in Nigeria.

Our Client at a graceful age of 92, has played a very active role in the promotion and restoration of peace and order in the Niger Delta Region, his patriotic disposition to issues of national affairs clearly puts him in a class of his own, second to none. It is also a fact that cannot be gainsaid or misconstrued that his inputs in the Federal Government Amnesty Programme for Niger Delta Militants clearly paved the way for the eventual resolution of the crisis.

Therefore, it can be safely concluded that our Client is not deserving of such humiliation and embarrassment as meted out to him by the Nigeria Police Force.

In the final analysis, our Client finds the act of the Nigeria Police Force as reprehensible, inexcusable and absolutely unacceptable.

Consequent upon this, we demand that an unreserved public apology be tendered to our Client by the Nigerian Police Force.




Castle of Law, Abuja



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