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Ramadan Lecture: Why Nigeria Must Take Advantage Of Youth Population 



Ramadan Lecture: Why Nigeria Must Take Advantage Of Youth Population

A guest lecturer at the 2023 special prayer and Ramadan lecture by the Yah Sataar Foundation in Lagos has urged political leaders in Nigeria to take advantage of the growing population of the country’s youth for advancement and progress.

Alhaji AbdulGaniyu Obasa said on Sunday that with the increasing population of youth in Nigeria, the country has great potentials that could be tapped into.

Speaking on the topic: ‘Impact of youth and role of leaders in the society’, Alhaji Obasa further noted that Nigeria, which is the most populous black nation in the world, currently has more active youthful population than the aged according to verified data.

“This is an advantage for Nigeria because it is the age of agile citizens who work to develop the country. It also means that the aged are few. So the number of elders to care for is less.

‘It is noteworthy that while countries like Italy and Spain continue to have shrinking youth population, Nigeria’s case is the opposite,” he said noting that more than ever before, government now has a responsibility to engage the youth in meaningful ventures for the country to grow as envisioned.

He said the more the youth are engaged, the more they would have the opportunity to contribute to the country and improve the wealth of the nation rather than find themselves in social vices that have now become a national challenge.

He, however, admonished the youth to imbibe the religious principles of piety, uprightness and discipline as exemplified by Prophet Mohammed and on whose teachings, Islam has continued to spread becoming the fastest growing religion in the world.

“As a youth, how upright or disciplined are you? Do people know you are a pious person in your community? Are you purehearted? Can you be entrusted with anything? These are questions we must constantly ask ourselves.

Alhaji Obasa commended the government over its efforts to rid the country of terrorist attacks and other related crimes adding that though the country still faces security challenges, recent reports show that in 2022, Nigeria recorded it’s best terrorism score since 2011.

“For example, figures show that in 2015, Nigeria had 641 terrorist attacks and 5567 deaths from terrorism. In 2023, the number of terrorist attacks reduced to 120 and while deaths 385 were recorded in the same year.

He praised Islam for providing solutions, through the Quran, to many of the world’s challenges including women’s rights and their place in the society.

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