Reformative Agenda: Commissioner for Justice Clarifies Misrepresentation,  Calls for Integrity in Political Discourse

Dr. Kayode Ajulo, (SAN) Ondo State Attorney-General & Commissioner For Justice


When I convened my inaugural meeting with the lawyers at the Ministry of Justice after my inauguration, I passionately discussed numerous visionary ideas, including a reformative agenda to propel the ministry forward.

One of the proposals I ardently advocated for was the mandatory court appearance of all lawyers who have been called to the bar, regardless of their department. It came to my attention that while all lawyers in the ministry received an allowance for their legal robes, only those in the Department of Civil Litigation and the Department of Public Prosecutions were actively involved in courtroom proceedings. I emphasized that this innovative approach would effectively equip lawyers for courtroom practice at all times.

Furthermore, I expressed my sincere preference for the esteemed title of “State Attorney” over the more commonly used designation of “State Counsel.” I proposed that we embrace the title of “State Attorney” to better align with my personal inclination, stemming from my career’s start as a Federal Attorney at the Federal Ministry of Justice, Abuja under Chief Bola Ige, SAN, former Attorney General of the Federation.

During the weekend, I came across a photograph capturing a moment when I warmly shook hands with one of the Chief Campaigners of His Excellency Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa. Notably, the background of the photo featured a banner extending congratulations to me as the newly appointed Commissioner for Justice of Ondo State.

Regrettably, an error was made in the caption, mistakenly referring to me as “Anthony General” instead of “Attorney General.”

The misguided use of the name “Anthony” on the banner sparked discussions regarding the photo. However, it is important for me to clarify that at the time the picture was taken, I commended the individual presenting the banner, the Convener of Lucky Aiyedatiwa Campaign Organisation Foot Soldiers, Hon. Dipo Okeyomi, also known as Carry-Go, in the presence of other party stalwarts for accurately capturing the title. This is significant, as many individuals often mistakenly refer to the title as “Commissioner of Justice” rather than “Commissioner for Justice.” Additionally, I took the opportunity to highlight that apart from being a Commissioner for Justice, I hold the honourable position of Attorney General, which unfortunately was not mentioned on the banner.

Consequently, I am now concerned about the existence of another version of the picture circulating, where the name “Anthony General” in black colour has been added to generate content and create a dramatic impact.

While it is commonly said that all is fair in politics, I firmly believe that this particular game has been taken too far. Such insinuations should not be made, as they are detrimental in every aspect.

Beyond the aforementioned incident, I have recently observed with deep regret how political rivalries have driven many individuals to engage in various acts with potential criminal liabilities. I earnestly pray that such actions cease immediately.

– Dr. Olukayode Ajulo, OON, SAN

Dr. Kayode Ajulo, (SAN) Ondo State Attorney-General & Commissioner For Justice


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