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Sanusi Lamido Gets over Probe Palaver, Finds His Voice Again



The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is sure a man of great accomplishments that many would no doubt love to be like. The slim built flamboyant first class monarch however has a knack for something and that is no other but his outspokenness, especially baring his voice against acts that are considered abnormal. Sanusi, while he was the Governor of the apex bank, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, was a pain in the neck for the Jonathan Goodluck led federal government, as he spoke about what he called unhealthy financial practices. How he was made to pay for his actions before he eventually left the corporate world to the royal corridor is now history.

As an Emir, Sanusi has retained his outspoken nature, thereby raising his voice against lot of issues that includes why the northern part of the country has remained undeveloped among the rest regions. However, the Emir got into trouble when a probe panel was constituted to look to the finance of his kingdom where some misappropriation was insinuated to have occurred. The issue which no doubt created sleepless night for the former bank Chief for reasons best known to the appropriate authority has actually been put aside but it is believed in some quarters his continual criticism of the Kano government and other state government in the north may have actually brought about the measure that would have consumed him but succeeded in putting him under check.  Meanwhile, since he was left off the hook to catch his breath, he’s been noticed to have opted to thread softly, but from recent events however, it seems the stylish monarch has found his voice and returned to his usual terrain, although with lot of modesty. Recently, he gave his piece of mind about how the on-going fight against corruption could be more effective by imposing sanctions against culprits just as he’s also shared his opinion about how the remuneration of the member of the national assembly has not been of any good to the finance of the nation. Of course, his remarks are beginning to make some uncomfortable in certain quarters.

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