From right, Ben Bruce, Makanjuola, Saraki and Dino

As it’s established there is a time and season for everything, this was played out when it was time to celebrate the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Senate President, Honourable Gbenga Makanjuola when he attained the proverbial Golden Age recently.

The birthday boy has been diligent, dedicated and meticulous in his job, so there could not have been a better time to celebrate the dude than on his 50th.

Although the 50th birthday celebration was not with the usual razzmatazz peculiar to such attainment in life, the celebration still had the template of celebrating a man with a rising and impressive profile in the area where he operates.

Simple as it was, the event which held inside the senate building, had the likes of Senator Bukola Saraki, his boss, Senator Ben Bruce, Senator Dino Melaye and other principal officers of the senate, who all came out to rejoice with the birthday boy on his day.

The uniqueness of the event, which was to show how important and highly-revered Gbenga was and is to his principal, work literally came to a halt mid-day for the Senate President’s personal staff, in honour of Makanjuola, who felt so much honoured at the rare show of love and compassion by his boss and others.

A commemorative but modest birthday cake was cut by the celebrator after which the popular ‘happy birthday’ song was rendered by the delighted guests under the supervision of the Senate President.

Gbenga Makanjuola is indeed a man of deep humility and uncommon courtesy, the sheer virtues and qualities he exhibited while acknowledging all those who came to rejoice with him; especially his principal and other colleagues in tow.



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