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Seniority Palava… Liz Anjorin, Iyabo Ojo Reconcile 7 Years After



Just these two actresses, Lizzy Anjorin and Iyabo could tell if there had been an issue between them previously but to the public, an unpleasant incident that played out between them seven years ago signified beginning of their quarrel that was based on age.

 Seven years ago, Lizzy and Iyabo had come to support one of their own, Tayo Odueke, otherwise known as Sikirat Sindodo, who was having a movie premiere at The Event Centre, Ikeja, when the scene took place. Trouble reportedly started when Lizzy tried to exchange pleasantries with Iyabo and others around. The process was said to have been smooth until it got to the turn of Iyabo, who was said to have rebuffed Lizzy for daring to refer to her by her first name when in her own estimation, she felt she deserved to be respected because she was older and at the same time a senior colleague to Lizzy in the industry. Without hesitation, Lizzy was said to have given it to Iyabo in her own coin and a scene was created after which other colleagues of theirs intervened and ensured peace reigned. Since that time, Iyabo and Lizzy remained parallel lines that don’t meet.

According to fresh information filtering in, the two actors may have eventually reached a peaceful compromise as the feud is said to have become a thing of the past and they are now friends. Insiders didn’t rule it out that some people may have actually brokered peace between them underground but it was revealed it was Iyabo who extended olive branch to Lizzy by visiting her Ajah situated shop.  While they have made up, they are said to have taken their friendship to enviable level such that they are planning to go to Mecca together this year as Lizzy is said to be trying to make Iyabo identify more with her original religion, Islam and her muslim name, Khadijat reactivated. .

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