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SosoGee Pays Tribute to DJ Xgee, Says, He Came, Saw but Too Weary to Conquer



“He never committed suicide, it’s all social media puff”. These among others were words of fans who witnessed his performance on Wednesday morning at Olowogbowo, Lagos Island. Seun Omogaji popularly known as DJ Xgee was a colleague and friend of mine. We both tour 21 states in 2017 with one of the biggest telecommunication brand in Nigeria and since then, we see each other as friends. He makes joke out of my bachelorhood and always tell me “go and marry”. I can’t believe the same path he has always encourage me to take would be what made him depressed. 

If you have ever been opportune to meet Seun one-on-one, trust me, you won’t forget his jokes. He was a friendly, energetic and industrious fellow. Always ready to give his best to music. I don’t think any upcoming artiste within Lagos Island or Surulere can drop any song without seeking his opinion. But what could have made him found safety in an insecticide still bothers a lot of people including myself.

Nevertheless, I think a lot of people in the entertainment industry are going through what psychologist call ‘mild depression’. They try to function at high psychological cost at the expense of what they are going through in career, finance and relationship. But all these put together can’t be justification for suicide because everything is time, if we can be patient, all will fall in place in due season.

Life as a Disc Jockey is pretty funny. We (DJs) try to fit in the cloud our audience prefers and make it part of us. We change our looks, wear fancy outfits, make friend with females, keep late nights, pretend not to be religious or educated/smart just for our contact/promoter to get the title ‘Boss or Oga’ and still, many castigate DJs. Is a doctor or engineer better than a DJ? Where is the place of being humane? If an illiterate who forged certificate could be a president or senator, why can’t a DJ have a good home free from allegation of adultery, not-good-enough-feelings or defamation of character by evil in-laws and spouse friends?

Frankly speaking, not everyone in showbiz cheats or commits adultery. In fact, it’s not the profession; it’s about the individual’s personality because i have seen a pastor who sleeps with married women in the name of counseling. So if legal, medicine, banking could be tagged profession, DJs are not different because they are learned as well.

Conclusively, I DJ SosoGee, i am not mourning you Seun but celebrating your life of freedom as a DJ who stood to make people happy while being depressed. You chose who you wanted to be and you were your best. You came, you saw but too weary to conquer depression with the love of your mother, children and fans.

May your spirit find rest.

May your family find peace.

May your fans never forget you….Goodnight my friend!

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