The name Nkiru Anumudu may not be one that is readily placed by all and sundry in the society but those who have interest in what happens on the social circle will certainly have no problems putting a face to the name as well as her place in the social radar. Truly, Nikiru’s place as a society face cannot be underestimated and has such is a factor in her own right as far as the social scene is concerned.

Her beauty and great sense of dressing that gives her away as a fashion buff is so pronounced that new kids in the social scene want to fashion their style life after but out of the glamour and the paparazzi of the kleighlight, Nkiru is a woman of substance and enviable pedigree who knows where and how to draw the line between being a society lady and a woman in the real sense of it. Born to one of the noble families in the Eastern part of the country, she tapped into all the resources available to her to empower herself towards making her life better. And to compliment all her effort, luck smiled on her when she it was time for her to go into matrimony that she ended up a with a upwardly mobile successful business man, who also holds his own as far as social scene is concerned, Willie Anumudu.

Nkiru, a mother and wife is respected and celebrated by many who fancy her way of life as she’s among society ladies who have remained so real and committed to the essence of being a wife and a mother. Aside of been able to raise children who are now sources of joy and pride to her and the husband, she has not been swayed by friction of being a society face or by exposure to give her home and husband attention less befitting. Factually, Nkiru respects and adores her husband to a questionable degree. This in return has certainly rubbed off her positively as she’s not only admired for this by watchers but her husband also is proud of her as his queen and pillar of support. Nkiru is dubbed a perfect and ideal example of a society woman of substance.


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