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Tinubu’s emergence as new bride of global leaders, by Kola Amzat



In today’s very chaotic and increasingly intriguing global politics, Nigerian president is fast emerging as the new bride of the global community.

Inaugurated into the office of president barely 10 months ago, he’s registered dominant presence in almost all the notable business meetings and international Fora at the instance of key world leaders, international business associations and groups, around the world.

President Tinubu, with Nigerian entourage have been to about 16 international business and political interactive sessions with the key global figures, statistically averaging approximately 2 trips/month.

For emphasis, he’s been to Paris to attend Paris Summit for the new Global Pact, New Delhi for the G-20 leaders’ summit on the special invitation of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Mohdi, Abu Dhabi to hold bilateral discussions with President Mohammed Bin Zayed of UAE, New York, USA to attend the 78th UN General Assembly, Riyad, Saudi Arabia to attend the Cop 28 Climate Summit, Berlin Germany, to attend G-20 Compact with Africa Conference.

The ex-Lagos governor has also with Nigerian crack team, been to Abu Dahbi UAE to attend the 28th UN Climate Change Conference of the parties of the UNFCCC, Doha, Qatar on the special invitation of Emir of Qatar and of course, he’s presently in Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, where he’s also engaging the King of Netherlands, Willem-Alexander in business and political discussions. It’s reported that he’ll be on his way with his entourage to Riyad, Saudi Arabia to attend another business and investments meeting.

Within this period, Asiwaju Tinubu was also at Bissau to participate in 63rd Ordinary Session of ECOWAS, where he was duly elected as Chairman of the regional body.

He’s been to inauguration of the Senegal President, Abobakar Faye. The Nigerian president also attended the 63rd Independence Anniversary of Republic of Benin in Cotonou, as well as Guinea Bissau, for that country’s 50th Independence Anniversary Ceremony.

It’s also instructive to note that he’s received in audience, quite a number of towering world leaders in Abuja, the nation’s seat of power since his inauguration in May 29, 2023; prominent in this list are German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, Emir of Qatar and his entourage, the American Foreign Secretary and emissary of the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

This developments are no coincidence! It’s a measure of trust and confidence of the global community on the Nigerian leader.

The recognition and honor been accorded the mercurial and the political juggernaut by the global community is reminiscent of the one extended to the likes of Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere, Kwame Nkrumah, Leopold Shengor etc (all of African descent), during their times in the saddle in their respective countries.

The international community have suddenly come into the realization of the fact that, it does the world a lot of good and benefits for the African continent to keep pace with European and American countries in terms of development in Infrastructures, Technology, Education, Security architecture, Science and Socio-political for the world to be at peace.

In realization of this objective, they might have concluded that there is need to identify a rallying point within the African continent who could shoulder this onerous and all-important responsibility of mobilizing the entire African continent to reconnect and reintegrate with other continents of the world technologically, industrially, politically, scientifically and most importantly, security wise, for the peace to reign in all the nooks & crannies of the world.

Indeed, developments in the global political sphere since Tinubu inauguration has indicated that, the international community might have resolved to cast their loins on Nigerian president on account of his political antecedents and pedigree in governance.

They might have given huge consideration to his political trajectory while he super-intended the affairs of Lagos state as Chief Executive, as well as tremendous courage, decisiveness, resourcefulness and efficiency that has been the hallmark of his administration since he assumed office.

Besides, his very cordial relationship with key African leaders notably Presidents of Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Ethiopia, Cameroun, Cote’ Dover, Angola etc would have given him unassailable edge in the permutations of the Western world, of his capacity to indeed, rally the entire continent to be at the same page with the global community.

At domestic front, the ex-Lagos state governor has brought a new dimension to governance within the space of 10 months in the saddle, so much that he’s become a reference point in the continent.

Removal of petroleum products subsidy and floating of domestic currency are very bold and decisive decisions that has redefined governance in the most populous black nation in the world.

These are very thorny issues that had hitherto been a no-go areas for the successive administrations.

The president sudden move to implement the recommendations of Steve Oronsaye’s report after decades of abandonment is a picture of a leader stoically determine not only to stabilize governance, but to bestow legacy of purposeful governance, devoid of wastages and prolificacy on the coming generations.

In Tinubu presidency, CBN, NNPC, FIRS, NPA, Customs and other key Agencies of government are working in accord and collaboration and deferring only to the president in decision making.

In this government, the national assembly and judiciary, despite the fact that they’re both independent arms of government are operating in conjunction and collaboration with the executive arm purposely for the nation’s prosperity, growth and development.

The president recently emphasized to the civil service that there, is an urgent need for the all-important organ of government to sit up with a view to jettisoning bureaucracy that has been the trade mark of the governance’s engine room over decades, thereby constituting cog towards implementation of diverse and developmental policies that supposed to bring fort a greater country.

In Tinubu’s presidency, the Nigerian top business Entrepreneurs, notably Aliko Dangote have come to the realization of the fact that, it’s no more business as usual.

The hitherto business model whereby CBN and other federal government Financing Agencies roll out larger percentage of the humongous capital needed for gigantic projects and on completion, these top Entrepreneurs sit at the top of them, claiming ownership are no longer acceptable.

Tragically, these privileged Entrepreneurs have swindled billions of dollars from Nigerian Treasury through the above ugly and mischievous financing model.

Happily, the president has reversed this trend by putting a final stop to it. The fact of the matter is that it takes a leader with uncommon patriotism and love & affection for the country to take such a damning step.

It’s also instructive to note the president significant impact in rearranging and restructuring security architecture of the nation. This administration have committed fortunes in terms of several billions of Naira in the acquisition of the modern war equipment and ammunition, as well as war aircrafts to battle to standstill, the dreaded scourge of insecurity across the nation.

More importantly, he has spelt it out in unequivocal terms to all the service chiefs, including the National Security Adviser (NSA) on the need to work in accord and collaboration to stem the tide of insecurity and that, anyone of them found wanting would be excused from government.

The president’s total control, firmness and efficiency is eloquent in the way and manners he called of the bluff of El-Rufai after his visitation to Aso Villa to declare to ex-Lagos state governor that he’s no more interested in ministerial appointment after the senate step down his confirmation following a damning security reports against him, as well as immediate suspension of Betta Edu after she was found wanting in the discharge of her duties as minister of the federal republic.

Other erring top government officials have also been shown the way out of office on the issues bothering on financial infractions, embezzlement and corruption.

Since his inauguration, there is no iota of doubt that president has restored orderliness in the polity. The reverberating effect of his governance model is being felt all around the country.

The governors, regardless of the party affiliations are now conscious of the fact that, they must deliver on their mandates, failing which they could possibly incur the wrath of the president.

These are the contemporary leadership traits and ingenuity that the western world might have discovered in the president for them to be inviting him all across the globe for diverse business interactive sessions and hi-powered political meetings.

The beauty of this development is that it’s a win-win situation for Nigerian nation as our country stand to benefit immensely in all facets from the fall-outs.


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