Visionscape Receives Fresh Batch of Sanitation Trucks


The Visionscape Group has taken delivery of a fresh batch of environment sanitation trucks to beef up its fleet ahead of the formal launch of the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) in early 2018.

The batch comprising compactors, trash trucks, trailer heads and other utility vehicles, were driven in an extended convoy from the port to one of the Group’s maintenance depots in Lagos.

An upbeat official of the company said arrangements have been firmed up to ensure periodic and regular delivery of the remaining facilities which will enable Visionscpae to support the Lagos State Government in it’s pledge to give Lagosians a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Lagos State Government plans to deploy over 900,000 electronically tracked waste bins and 600 brand new compactors among other facilities to manage the over 10,000 metric tons of waste generated in the state daily.

For the CLI project, Visionscape will dispatch a large fleet of multi-dimensional vehicles and an integrated waste management system supported by geo-location technology.

Also in the spirit of Christmas and New Year festivities, Visionscape has wished Lagos State residents a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

In a message to commemorate the season, the company said, “It’s Christmas party time! During the festive season, loads of trash and solid waste are generated beyond what is normal, especially with parties, cookouts, outdoor events, family reunions and other large activities taking place simultaneously in different parts of the country.

“These activities inevitably create more trash in our homes and environment. The spirit extends into the New Year, with the air thick with pyrotechnic smoke and mounds of garbage everywhere. This is more pronounced the morning after.”

To enjoy waste and pollution free Christmas parties and caring for the environment, the company advised residents to remind their guests subtly to recycle while they celebrate.


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