Ways to reboot your sex life


It’s simple and requires barely any effort, according to this sexologist.

Rebooting your love life is best done by both people, but even if your partner isn’t on board with the bedroom project, you can still make a big difference on your own.

Here are top five tips on how to fan the flames:

Switch up the routine

Write down a list of the little things that make your heart sing and your body tingle, then incorporate these into your daily life.

Some ideas include kisses, texts of affection and touches.

Also be generous with your compliments — it’s one of the quickest ways to reconnect.

Make sure you feel sexy

Take out the good perfume and cologne, bring the sexy clothes from the back of the wardrobe, wear something alluring to bed, or nothing at all. Life is short — use the satin sheets.

Keep the kink

Each of you write down three erotic things you’d like to do on separate sheets of paper, each in a sealed envelope.

Tuck these letters away and set a calendar alert in your smartphone to open one envelope on separate occasions, perhaps monthly, to spread the anticipation.

Use your senses

Too often couples fall into a rut because they focus on achieving a high quantity of sex rather than a fantastic quality of sex.

Set the mood with low lighting and scented candles.

Use flavoured massage oil, try sex toys or simply vary your touch with one another.

Know that kindness is hot

Research shows that couples who are most satisfied are those who are kind.

Kindness keeps us in love.

So let go of the daily aggravations and instead, focus on gratitude, appreciation and love that you have for creating a life together.

When you keep that at the heart of your relationship, getting in the mood for great sex is more appealing than ever.


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