…And Bisi Ilaka Becomes the Toast



Lujidi of Oyo Kingdom, Luqman Oyebisi Ilaka, today, stands tall as a man whose success and way of life is inspirational to many who have fashioned their life after his. The successes and other great things that are inspiring about this handsome and well-built grey beards spotting personality did not come out of the blues but for his self-belief, consistency and doggedness he has stuck to as his principles.

Coming from a noble background, Ilaka didn’t see what his background could offer as all in all, rather, he strived to build on it and consolidate on the successes recorded by his parents. This aim he has no doubt been able to achieve even as the indications are laid bare for all to access. As a lawyer who specializes in tax matters, Oyebisi has written his name in gold both in England where he sojourned for years and back at home. His remarkable and commendable activities endeared him the people of Oyo Kingdom and the Alaafin who in turn decorated him with the high esteemed title, Lujidi.

The brilliant and sound speaking lawyer decided to impact his people with his wealth of experience by seeking to represent a district in Oyo State at the Senate, but a few times he has tried, he could not achieve it even though his losses have questionable traits. However, rather than quit or jump ship to identify with the power that be especially in Oyo State, Ilaka applied his principles by remaining with his party, PDP even as he didn’t quit his aspiration. Even while some thought he was foolish, he stood his ground.

Today, Ilaka is not only having a good laugh, he’s also a toast whose ways are now point of references and that is because his virtue has eventually exonerated him. Upon the emergence of PDP as the party in power in Oyo State, many who knew the sacrifice Ilaka had made naturally indicated he must be involved in the scheme of things and his appointment as the Chief of Staff to Governor Makinde was the first to be announced. Presently, the man at the centre stage is not only respected as a top functionary in the state but as model of loyalty, consistency and strength of character.


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