Constitutional Lawyer, Ajulo Earns Fellowship of UK Chartered Institute of Arbitrators


In his quest to seek knowledge and continually advancing the course of his career, widely known cerebral barrister at law, Dr. Olukayode Ajulo, has again recorded another enviable feat as he’s been admitted as a Fellow of the century-old, prestigious and royal Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, of the United Kingdom.


The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators is a professional organisation representing the interests of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practitioners. Founded on 1 March 1915, it was granted a royal charter by Queen Elizabeth II.


CIArb, is a global training and membership organisation promoting different techniques for avoiding, managing and resolving disputes outside of court that arise in a multitude of contexts, such as the corporate sphere. These techniques include arbitration, adjudication, mediation and negotiation. It has a community of more than 21,500 members committed to these techniques, based across 149 countries and supported by an international network of 41 branches. CIArb offers its members many professional services.

A Fellow is a privileged, prestigious and high-ranking member representing CIArb in working life, in such a manner as to create respect for CIArb and its work, and to be able to advise on, and participate in, dispute resolution processes in a professional and competent manner.

To become a Fellow, the requirement includes ten years experience in arbitration, construction adjudication, or mediation in a lead/sole capacity; including settlement agreements, the management of proceedings, and attending hearings that have resulted in the publication of a reasoned award or decision.


To be elevated, Ajulo among other requisites holds a Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from University of Oxford, and thereafter faced a peer review interview wherein he was recommended for the prestigious elevation.


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