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Crisis Rocks Popular Oyo Radio Station …Sources allege MD’s power abuse as bane *Why the station’s collapse is imminent



If information reaching us anything to go by, a popular radio station in Oyo State may have been on it’s way to be out of business, as information has it may be winding up to get out of broadcasting business soon.  The station, which boasts as the first ‘three-language’ radio station and said to be owned by an activist seems not able to adapt to current economic realities. JUSTNEWS reports.


Meanwhile, it was further learnt that the reason why the station has for sometime become epileptic in it’s service is not totally that of the economy but mostly as a result of alleged unprofessional conducts of the proprietor as well as his greedy nature.


“The station started on a very good footing and was able to make impact early enough, but the attitude the owner later adopted has battered the operations and image of the station badly that it’s only a matter of time the station will be defunct if no serious efforts are made to rectify the situation” a source said.


It was alleged the owner of the media outfit is in the habit of owning salaries, and this action it was said to be responsible for why many of the station’s good hands have left to join others in same line of trade. The alleged act of the activist turn radio proprietor which could be term as ‘use and dump’ is said to be reason why members of staff are no longer committed as they now use the station as temporary place while they seek for opportunities elsewhere.


“The proprietor has a wicked way of dealing with members of staff he’s owing. When he’s accumulated this debt, he then begins to behave in a way that will frustrate these people that they will be left with no option but to take their leave to protect and retain their human dignity” revealed a source.


Aside the alleged act of using and dumping workers, the owner is also allegded to be in the habit of altering transmission procedure without notification, and this is said to have started taking toll on the station as agencies and companies are said to be gradually blacklisting the organization.


In the same vein, this proprietor is accused of being in the habit of pulling out funds from the company’s account without due process and it said to often results to inabilty of the station to meet certain needs that eventually impact negatively on the services of the station.


The conduct of the said proprietor is alleged to be so terrible that it negates ethoes of activism the fellow claims to represents, and that the action of the fellow is a disgrace and embarrassment to the body of activists.

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