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By the virtue of her status and luxury in her possession, it is not surprising that illustrious Nigerian, who is one of the richest women in the world, Folorusho Alakija, is living in opulence and has all her needs at her beck and call. What cannot be denied of her however is that she lives a life that is inspiring and has taught many how to maximize their potentials.

Out of her shrewdness and dedication to her work, Alakija, sure has flair for fashion, even as she exhibit her style in a way that suggest she’s not all about having money to access whatever she wants, but also knowing what to put on that will look nice on her. Notwithstanding the droves of high and mighty at the talk of the town wedding of Babangida’s daughter recently, Folorunsho was still able to distinguish herself from the crowd with her beautiful attire and other accessories that earned her a stunning look.

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