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Juju Music Icon, Prince Segun Adewale Joins Evergreen Music Label



Juju Music Icon, Prince Segun Adewale Joins List of Artistes under Evergreen Music Label

Evergreen Musical Company operates under a mandate that empowers it to act as the premier custodian and chronicler of Evergreen African Music of Yesteryears, thereby accumulating and preserving the history and artifacts indicative of a rich cultural heritage. Been the largest custodian of music of yesteryears in the country they have made it a point of duty to bequeath to the future generations and the general indigenous music community a strong sense of culture and a sublime sheer appreciation of the artistic genius of Nigeria/ Africa’s renowned musical talents many of whom have been forgotten.

As a company whose operation is over 25 years they have made it their life’s mission to preserve the posterity and longevity of an era threatened into oblivion having held an esteemed position of trust and stewardship with the vintage music community and which has over the years caused them to be appointed as sole custodian and distributor of the complete works of many music legends, for whom they campaign tirelessly in a bid to immortalize their achievements as a symbol of cultural continuity through sound.

Today the company can conveniently boast of over thirty Nigerian/Ghanaian music icons under its platform which include works of early Juju Music practitioners like J. O Araba, Ayinde Bakare, Tunde Nightingale, IK Dairo, Dele Ojo, etc. Also works of various Highlife Music Icons like Victor Abimbola , Adeolu Akisanya, Rex Jim Lawson, Crosdale Juba, Eddy Okonta, King Kennytone, etc can be found in their collections.

Yo – Pop Juju music icon Prince Segun Adewale today is one of Nigeria’s juju musicians that deserves celebration and recognition for his contribution to Juju music .

According to the Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company Bimbo Esho ,she said during a chat that the Yo – Pop juju musician Prince Segun Adewale expressed his desire to have some of his Evergreen repertoires reissued under their Evergreen label. According to the respected music collector she said an artiste like Adewale must not be forgotten into the doldrums of history like some of his contemporaries and these amongst other reason is why they have reissued 40 songs of Adewale for the benefit of his listeners.

Segun Adewale who is a native of Osogbo in Osun State had his musical tutelage under popular musicians like J. O Araba, IK Dairo, etc. He later joined Prince Adekunle in the 70’s as the leader of Prince Adekunle’s band. Later in 1977 he and Sir Shina Peters forged ahead to form Sir Shina Adewale and Superstars International after their boss disbandment

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