Jumobi Omisore Gives Back to the Society at Ramadan

Jumobi Fatima Omisore

It is without a doubt that at Ramadan, a period when the Islamic faith practitioners observe fasting is a special one all over the world. The annual tradition, a major tenet of Islam comes with its own peculiarities that include giving and holiness, to mention a few.

Jumobi flanked by beneficiaries of her initiative

In accordance with a feature of Ramadan, giving,  amiable on air personality, Jumobi Fatima Omisore has since inception of the holy month  been giving back to the members of the society as a way of fulfilling obligation that comes with the fasting period.

Through an independent program being presented by  Jumobi  on Radio Lagos, Nuru-Salam, members of the public who are of Islamic faith are given different kind of gifts, when they answer Quran based questions that are thrown at them to test their knowledge of the Quran.  Not limiting it to only those who can win prizes on the radio program, the less fortunate in the society are also taken care of by giving them various types of goodies like food stuff of all kinds, clothing and money.

This laudable gesture, the convener brings to bear as part of activities of her nongovernmental organization that also enjoys support from well- meaning members of the public who donate cash, food stuff and other items.

Meanwhile, the dark skinned beautiful Ile-Ife born Jumobi has been at the receiving ends of accolades, not just for the good works but also for her consistency as she has not failed to carry out the charity and inspirational work since five years ago that she launched the initiative.


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