Nightlife Veteran, Frank Okamigbo Reignite His Reign With A Boom


By Wole Adepoju

It’s an indisputable fact that the Center of Excellence, Lagos, is the hub of a lot of things in the country, entertainment inclusive. And when it comes to the business of nightlife, clubbing, Lagos also has a very rich history of it, justnews reports.

Without denigrating how the business had evolved from it’s berth by progenitors, about over two decades and half ago, certain crop of individuals rose within the industry, took charge and changed the phase of night clubbing completely. These dudes introduced significant and effective innovations, and took night clubbing to a new height and admirable status. In the same vein, these men became big and idols in the society for their magic wand.

For young and handsome dude who was an undergraduate at University of Lagos, Frank Emenike Okamigbo popular known as Papas, this was the era he cut his teeth in the industry. Frank plied his trade as the point man of Akin Adesola, Victoria Island based fun hub, K’s Place.

He later teamed up with one of the idolized heavy weights, The late Generalissimo, Akeem Shodehinde, whom efforts he compliment and at the same time learnt from.

Interestingly, many years after, Okamigbo was the only left on the scene among the masters of the game who operated in that golden era.

While nightclub started springing up indiscriminately, an hub where Frank was calling the shot and superintended over, The Place (Powered by Papas Entertainment), Lekki, obviously had the edge and towered above the rest. The reason not far fetched, it was being tun by a Don of the game, Okamigbo.

Frank, a highly connected individual who was already playing big in real estate and oil & gas business, among others, decided to rest the club some years back, not without leaving a hint of returning someday, since nightlife business was his first love.

Without a doubt, waiting for Papas to return turned to a seemingly unending suspense that made many kept a tab on him, and constantly watched his move. The suspense may have finally been over, as the Warhorse of nightlife, Frank Okamigbo, is back with the ‘Joker card’ of the industry.

Frank is re-birthing The Place (Powered by Papas Entertainment) at Ikota area of Lekki. With best of equipment, well trained personnel and conducive environment, Frank Okamigbo has no doubt returned with the ‘Joker card’ and ready to take reignite his reign as the king of the nightlife.

News of his return has been a source of excitement to many who knows how weighty Okamigbo is, as far as nightlife business is concerned, and how innovative and creative he could be.

The return of Frank Papas is an avenue for the old goons to rekindle their interest in nightlife and quench their thirst for quality and awesome experience of night life. It’s also an opportunity for nightclub proprietors of these days to understudy Master of the game and gain some new formats, as regards how the typical way the business is done, since Okamigbo represent the link between the old and new order.




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