Susan Peter pledges N1m reward for Empress ex-lover’s whereabouts, says ‘He has nudes of actresses


Actress Empress Njamah may have moved on from the wrecks caused by release of her nude videos by her ex-lover, Josh Wade, as suggested by a recent video released by the actress several hour ago, where she said she was good and not in bad mood, JustNews reports

However, the last may not have been heard of the matter as a colleague of Njamah in the in movie industry, Susan Peters, may have taken it upon herself to fish out  Josh and ensure he pays for his act.

It is in this regard Susan has placed bounty of one million naira on Josh Wade, as reward for whoever who can provide useful information about the whereabouts of the Liberian, whom Susan alleged is in possession of Njamah’s international passport and 85 percent of her properties.

In an interesting twist also, Susan claimed the same Josh is in possession of nudes materials of a lot of actresses which he intends to release. She added that there is urgent need to get hold of him but lamented he’s incommunicado, as he’s said to have blocked all avenues through which he can be reached.

Josh Wade, ex-lover of actress Empress Njamah, had few days ago fulfilled his threat to release nude videos of the actress into the public space by actually doing so.

Wade created a WhatsApp group where he added multiple people and posted several nude videos of the actress.

In one of the videos making social media rounds, the Liberian confessed that he misses the actress and he’s also confused.

He also warned Empress against spreading false narratives about him.

He said quote “am just confused. I swear to God, I just miss you. Seriously, I just miss you. That’s the real truth, that’s no joke. But please, stop telling people that I can’t travel. Don’t do that, I beg you please.”

Empress made headlines on December 15, 2022, when a video of her showing off an engagement ring with a man in the background was posted on Instagram, with many storming the comment section to congratulate her.

However, in a statement via Instagram on December 16, the 42-year-old said the engagement was a scam and the video was made under duress.

The actress further claimed that she got involved with the man around the time her best friend Ada Ameh died and he took advantage of her vulnerability and promised to marry her but ended up beating and blackmailing her for money.

Sharing his side of the story in a chat with blogger Linda Ikeja, Jade denied blackmailing the actress, saying that he only asked her to return the money he lent her.

He claimed another ex-lover was the one blackmailing and threatening to release the actress’ videos.

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