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Tinubu’s policies gradually fortifying the economy, says Stella Oduah



A former minister of aviation, Senator Stella Oduah, has reassured Nigerians that President Bola Tinubu’s administration is on track to put the country’s economy back on the path of long-term stability and genuine, observable growth.

Speaking with the Igbo Business Community in Abuja over the weekend, she asserted that the Tinubu-led administration’s policies are gradually fortifying and realigning the country’s economy.

The former Minister praised President Tinubu for his obvious dedication to the South East’s infrastructure development and the acknowledgement, acceptance, and inclusion of the area in governance.

Oduah emphasized that the Tinubu administration does not tolerate loud hyperbole, self-aggrandizement, or showboating and that the administration’s accomplishments are authentic and verifiable rather than hypothetical.

She characterized the administration’s policies as pragmatic, deliberate, and strategically oriented towards unleashing the country’s creative potential and rekindling innovation, offering enormous job prospects across all sectors for enterprising Nigerians, especially the younger generation.

She emphasized that Nigerians would soon be able to put the country’s hardships behind them if the Renewed Hope Agenda was implemented steadily and its principles were accepted.

She applauded President Tinubu for adhering to his 30% affirmative action policy regarding youth participation in governance and appointments and authorizing the release of N60 billion under the Agric Investment and Small and Medium Enterprises Scheme for the benefit of the youths.

Oduah said such actions demonstrate the President’s strong commitment to repositioning Nigerian youth for greater productivity, self-sufficiency, and global competitiveness in all vital sectors.

She also praised President Tinubu for his audacious efforts to pay off the foreign exchange backlog of $7 billion that he inherited, saying that this has begun to show in the strengthening of the Naira and the country’s economy as a whole.

Oduah, who represented the Anambra North Senatorial District, praised the President and the party’s national leadership for the appointment of the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma as the Coordinator of the Party’s activities in the South East region, adding that Uzodimma’s efforts to bring development and federal presence to the region led her to join the party recently.

The former lawmaker emphasized that Uzodimma’s appointment has further strengthened the APC’s relationship with the South East given his popularity there as a result of his accomplishments in government. He also added that with Uzodimma serving as the party’s coordinator there, the Party will be able to further penetrate the area and seize total control of it in the upcoming election cycle.

The senator argued that the South East would gain much from a government that valued, encouraged, and supported innovation, the pursuit of productivity, and inclusivity, noting that this is the reason the area had embraced President Tinubu and the APC.

She asked the Igbo Business Community members to stick together in backing Governor Uzodimma, President Tinubu, and the APC.


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