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Let me begin my essay with this unique quotes by Mahatma Ghandhi, which says the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. A quote which has long been lost in the modern day African Christianity.

The biggest sin in the world is not being able to love someone but acquiring common wealth of others to satisfy your selfish interest which many of our elites today are guilty of including our religious leaders.

Primate Ayodele is indeed a man after Gods heart and a beckon of hope in the Christendom in Africa at this dark period of our time. Primate Ayodele is not only called by God as many do come to deceive the public but a man who consistently walk in Gods direction fearfully and trembling as to give account of all his deeds on the last day. As a media guru of almost thirty years experience, with seventeen years devoted to religion. Primate Ayodele is one of the few I have seen that can be called a true servant of God in this present generation. How do you recognize a true servant of God? A genuine servant of God has genuine concern for others with radiating love regarding less of their religion, tribe etc. A true servant of God is always devoted to the true gospel of Christ, which is following Jesus. Can we say truly that our men of God operates in this realm today?

Primate Ayodele whom I have monitored closely for fifteen years is an example of a genuine servant of God with genuine concern for others regardless of their faith. Ayodele is a man who radiates Christ like love and constantly devoted to the true gospel, which is following Jesus through his selfless acts.

Primate Ayodele undoubtedly is the only servant of God alive in Nigeria today with his status who serve others with his resources without been bias.

Over the years I watched Primate Ayodele empower thousands of less privileged in different faith with Cars, Motorbikes, Low cost Housing units, Food items, Working tools and recently construction of ultra modern Health Center for the usage of the commoners, a highly commendable feat for others to emulate. Primate Ayodele has also constantly been a genuine voice in the prophetic field for the last thirty years when others constantly fumble. I know many preachers who started like Primate Ayodele but today have missed their tracks. Many preachers who were well patronized by the high and mighty before and during Primate Ayodele have no single connectivity to their route, areas where Primate Ayodele has constantly excelled. Many preachers today keep acquiring wealth with deceit, hoodwinking forgetting that everyone will account for his deeds on the last day.
Primate Ayodele indeed is a true yard stick for genuine servant of God and he must be encouraged by all and sundry. The Government of the day must also imbibe this Christ like attitude in solving the mirage of problems bedeviling the country. Primate Ayodele is indeed over due for a National Award to further encourage him and serve as a pointer to others. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu must do the needful by encouraging this genuine servant of God now that he is still alive.

Prince Ayo Adegboye is a Public Analyst and a Publisher. He can be reached through:

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