For some human creatures, life is one sweet song that must be on the repeat mode.

Yet, for some others, the harsh realities of life are forcing them to seek an urgent meeting with their forebears.

Among the lucky creatures, who see life as worth living,  is Wale Tinubu, a businessman and  an oil mogul.

He turns 52 today! And for Tinubu, who holds a Master’s degree in Law from the London School of Economics, the day must be celebrated with moderate fanfare.

A family source disclosed that Tinubu is more interested in expressing gratitude to God for the battles fought and won and the triumph over adversity in the past years; and the need to continually seek God’s favour in his future business plans.

Perhaps, this explains the low-key birthday devoid of huge celebration. Rather, the billionaire is abroad exploiting more frontiers for the leading oil and gas company.

Indeed,  Tinubu, a respected businessman, has evolved as an iroko in the industry, as a result of his unbent resolve not to live under the shadow of his privileged family background.

From age 22 when returned to Nigeria armed with his Master’s degree in Law to when he attended the Nigeria Law School; and from when he started his career with in his family Law firm, K.O. Tinubu and Co. Chambers to when he set up his oil business, the paths have been laced with roses and thorns.

But where he has encountered thorns, he has refused to give up on his dreams; and at 52, he is not under any illusion that there are still no boulders here and there.

Even now, as he tackles the Security and Exchange Commission, SEC, over its recent pronouncement on his company,  Tinubu is confident that he will emerge victorious in the end.

So, if there is any one request he will make of his family, friends and business associates who are celebrating him today, it is that they humbly pray for many happy returns of the day in sound health as he pursues his dream on the global stage.


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