Nnamani brands Obi supporters ‘OBiDiEND’


Former Enugu Governor Chimaroke Nnamani, now a senator has branded the social media movement of former governor Peter Obi as the ObidiEND.

And he claimed the copyright to the brand in a series of tweets on Thursday.

Nnamani was responding to the flaks he received from the Obi crowd, after he wrote glowingly of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s tenure as governor of Lagos

Nnamani declared Tinubu as the best governor in modern Nigeria, bar none.

The article put him in the crosshairs of Obi supporters, and especially one FS Yusuf, who blocked him, after hitting back.

Never a man to run away from a fight, Nnamani, who is holidaying in Virginia, USA took to Twitter to respond to traducers, in series of tweets. He also defined the term ObidiEND.


“ObidiEND as a term is our creation 11/8/2022. Virginia, USA. Chimaroke Nnamani : To join Dividends of Democracy to World’s Lexicon. Simply defined as end to Political moral enforcement. Ending the ravages of Political militarism, cyberspace bullying, ethnic blackmail and jingoism.

“ObidiEND is advocacy against One Chance Politics. Give Chance ! Give Chance! Politics! Take away Politics. 3 week Political party Cspture. One party State and “Imagery Dictatorship “note not Imaginary. Imagery! Communion without Baptism! #ObidiEND #ebeano #ebeanoFAM #Chimaroke”.

He also mocked FS Yusuf who has blocked him as a follower, writing: “FS oyibo YUSUFU Ellow ?Moving backwards.Running 🏃away from his client.Influencing B/S .Cyberspace bully for #ObidiEND now blocking his job Igbo Youths keep insulting FS YUSUFU Fathers not your own.Indeed stop all the insults. It is not by vote. You vote where you want.#Chimaroke.

“FS Oyibo YUSUFEllow still on retreat. Virtual prostitute blocking his livelihood. #ebeanoFAM on his case to stop cyberspace bullying. #ObidiEND Igbo youths stop insulting your Fathers and Mothers. FS YUSUFU cyber mercenary on hire. Imagine spokesperson for ObidiEND. #Chimaroke”.

In a tweet, Yusuf, in trademark Obidient practice, abused Chimaroke Nnamani, calling him ‘dimwitted sexagenarian’, “babymanchild”

“PDP guys were cheering that rabid @ChimarokeNamani when he was castigating #OBIDIENTS thinking d
dimwitted sexagenarian is by their side until d man succumbed to his episode of insomnia to dickride Tinubu last night. So all d while, the babymanchild was clearing ground for BAT”, he wrote

Credit- Pm News


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