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Aisha, Daura Rivalry: Buhari takes sides with wife, sends Daura Packing



Following alleged series of wrong doings and the belief that they mislead President Mohammadu Buhari to sometime assume unfavorable disposition on national and political issues, the cabal at the Presidential Villa are believed to be enemies of Nigeria masses and certain political block. Also, this cabal that is headed by the President’s nephew, Mamman Daura, could be said to be an arch rival of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari.

It is on record the President’s wife had on few occasions decried the unpleasant activities of members of the very powerful cabal. Daura, it will be recall was alleged to have painted the First lady in bad light during the internal power play that trailed the President’s ill health that took him out the country for months.

However, if information reaching JustNews is anything to go by, the First Lady may have been on her way to winning the war against the cabal that have been accused of sidelining and underestimating her in Aso Villa, as President Buhari is said to have eventually taken sides with his wife, thereby sending his nephew, Mamman packing from the Glass House residence in the presidential villa. For fear that his proximity will dwindle if he’s out of the Glass House, Daura, dependable sources revealed refused to act on the president’s order thereby allegedly asked his children to take charge of the residence. It was further revealed it took the intervention of security personnel in the Villa who ensured Daura vacated the Glass House forcefully. The scenario was said to be such a shameful one that Daura has since departed for United Kingdom even as it was said the President is not likely to rescind his decision.

Meanwhile, as regards the internal rivalry between the First Lady and Daura, the situation was said to have degenerated to the level where Daura is alleged to be using men of the SSS to bug Aisha’s phone and details of conversation between her and her children are given to Mamman Daura. It is in the same vein Daura is allegedly accused of making use of the SSS to his advantage based on alleged claim that he has total loyalty of the Director General of the security agency, his relative, Lawal Mamman Daura, who it believed Mamman secured the SSS job for.

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