Delivering Results, Making a Difference: Obasa’s Transformational Leadership in Lagos Assembly

Rt. Honorable Obasa

Delivering Results, Making a Difference: Obasa’s Transformational Leadership in Lagos Assembly

By Dave Agboola

Leadership comes in various forms, but only a few possess the ability to truly transform their organisations and leave a lasting impact on their constituents. One such remarkable leader is Rt. Hon. (Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Obasa’s leadership is distinguished by his unique style of administration. He employs a proactive methodology, consistently searching for inventive solutions to tackle the challenges encountered by Lagos State. His leadership style is characterised by his ability to be easily reached, his friendly demeanour, and his great connection with the people. Rather than being limited to the confines of his position, he often interacts with the Assembly staff, attentively listening to their issues and devising policies that specifically address their needs. His distinctive administrative approach has garnered him the esteem and appreciation of both peers and staff, further cementing his role as a visionary leader.

Dr. Obasa has prioritised infrastructure development since being at the helms of affairs in the Lagos Assembly. He acknowledges the pivotal significance of great infrastructure in the advancement and progress of a state. One of his notable achievements is the completion of the staff wing of the Assembly. The staff wing provides much-needed workspace and facilitates a conducive environment for the Assembly’s administrative tasks. With an eye for aesthetics, the facelifting of the complex has given it a modern and impressive look, befitting its role as the legislative nerve-centre of Lagos.

Understanding the importance of a well-maintained work environment, Rt. Hon. Obasa spearheaded the renovation of all offices within the Assembly complex. By improving the facilities available to members and staff, he demonstrated a commitment to their welfare and productivity. He ensured the provision of adequate facilities and equipment for the staff and management of the Assembly, such as computers, internet access, vehicles, and office furniture. Moreover, his oversight in constructing two religious edifices within the complex showcases his respect for diversity and inclusivity.

Rt. Hon. Obasa’s leadership extends beyond physical infrastructure. Recognising the significance of health and well-being for the Assembly community, he invested in state-of-the-art facilities. The construction of a modern gym equipped with the latest gadgets promotes a healthy lifestyle and enhances the overall happiness of members and staff. Additionally, the establishment of a standard-class clinic under his administration ensures that medical needs can be promptly attended to, fostering a sense of care and support.

The Lagos State House of Assembly complex under Rt. Hon. Obasa’s guidance now boasts an enviable garden, adding a touch of nature’s serenity to the bustling legislative hub. This green oasis serves as a haven for relaxation and reflection, providing a conducive atmosphere for productive decision-making. Furthermore, the addition of a befitting pavilion for events has enhanced the Assembly’s capacity to host important gatherings, promoting collaboration and networking among stakeholders, another initiative of his.

To strengthen the Assembly’s relationship with the public, Dr. Obasa introduced digital billboards within the complex. These interactive displays showcase the Assembly’s activities, ensuring that the public remains informed about legislative proceedings, initiatives, and achievements. This commitment to transparency fosters civic engagement and empowers citizens to be active participants in the governance process.
All these initiatives have greatly improved the infrastructure of Lagos Assembly, stimulating their growth and establishing a strong basis for a prosperous future for its workforce.

It is worthy of note too that Obasa’s administration upholds unwavering principles of accountability and transparency. He recognises that a capable and streamlined administration can only be established on a solid bedrock of confidence. In order to promote accountability and openness, he implemented various initiatives, including conducting regular meetings with the staff and management of the Assembly. Obasa also fosters an environment characterised by transparency and confidence, enabling the public to engage actively in the process of governance and ensure that their representatives are held responsible through public hearings.

Obasa has also demonstrated his vision and commitment to building a virile knowledge-based society that can drive the development of Lagos State and Nigeria at large by making the human capital development of the Assembly’s staff and management a priority. He has initiated and supported various programmes and policies that aim to enhance the skills, knowledge, and productivity of the legislative workers. Sponsoring and facilitating the training of the staff and management of the Lagos Assembly, encouraging them to participate in local and international conferences, seminars, and workshops that expose them to best practices and emerging trends in legislative affairs, Obasa has not only aligned with the goal Number 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) but also established his strong support for continuous learning.

The Speaker’s provision of incentives and motivation such as regular promotion, recognitions, awards and other welfare packages for the staff and management of the Assembly, is another uncommon effort at displaying his visionary leadership imbued with love.

Perhaps one other remarkable achievement of Obasa’s leadership at the Lagos Assembly is his ability to inspire unity and collaboration among political parties. His inclusive approach has transcended party lines, encouraging all members of the House, regardless of their political affiliations, to work together for the betterment of Lagos State. Opposition party members have been drawn to Obasa’s leadership style and vision, causing a remarkable shift in the political landscape. As a result, many opposition party members have willingly converted to his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), recognising the positive impact that his transformative leadership has had on the state.

The tenure of Rt. Hon. (Dr) Mudashiru Obasa, so far, as Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly has been characterised by a unique and effective style of governance, a strong emphasis on the improvement of infrastructure, a steadfast dedication to accountability and transparency, and the skill to promote harmony and cooperation among political factions. With his peculiar style of administration, Dr Obasa has reshaped the dynamics of governance in Lagos State. His influential leadership has achieved extraordinary outcomes, significantly impacting the lives of the Lagos Assembly workers.

Rt. Hon. Obasa’s achievements shall be indubitably regarded as a pivotal moment in the Assembly’s administration as it continues to live up to its mantra of being ‘above the common standard of excellence’.

Agboola is Special Adviser (Research) to the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly.


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