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Unveiling Kimberly Adejumo, The Doyen of Luxury Shortlets Apartments in Nigeria



She is definitely not a rookie when it comes to the business of luxury Real Estate in Nigeria; Tayo Kimberly Adejumo, the head honcho of Kimberly’s Apartment, has registered her entry into the luxury real estate business with special interest in; shortlets apartment, interior decoration, smart home construction, furniture/ housewares procurement and building consultancy. Kimberly’s is a real estate conglomerate which houses subsidiaries like; Kimberlysapartment, Kimberlyspremiumrentals, Kimberlyshomes and KimberlysBuildersmart.
Before venturing into the shortlets/real estate business, she started with a flat at an highbrow area where she resides in Lagos. With her love and passion for interior decoration, real estate and customer service delivery, she was able to extend her tentacles into having over 50 shortlets apartment under her watch in Lagos. For the hard work she is putting into the real estate business, she earned the sobriquet ‘Doyen of Luxury Shortlet Apartment’ in Nigeria. Not only that, her company was also certified and verified by I-PRAC; a world acclaimed platform that vet property owners for customers in order to avert fraudulent practice. Take a visit round her shortlets apartment across Lagos, it’s a mecca of sorts for Nigerians and foreign travelers who love comfort laced with luxury. All her shortlets apartments are fully equipped with up-to-date state-of-the-art home facilities and the best of well-trained customer-oriented staffs.
The Osun State born business entrepreneur, has never settled for less since her foray into the highly competitive industry. Travelling from the popular Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Silicon Valley region in California to the 7th arrondissement in Paris France to the Knightsbridge in West London, she is fully armed with an impeccable taste and eye for quality. She draws inspirations from eyepopping renaissance and medieval era designs across the world. This has enabled her stay afloat among competitors. Within a short period of 7 years into the business, she has designed and recreated many beautiful palatial jaw dropping homes across Lagos, Nigeria. Many kept wondering how she was able to achieve so much in a male dominated industry. With passion, dedication, resilient, steadfastness, love for excellence and fervent prayers, she was able to crest her name in Gold.
The well-travelled cosmopolitan affable graduate of Public Administration from Imo State University, Owerri, is not giving out to mediocrity. She strongly believes in her mission statements which give special preference to Quality, Integrity, Satisfaction and Hospitality. Upholding these virtues has helped her flourish tremendously. Undeterred about the challenges ahead, Tayo is steadily blazing the trail with her Midas touch of Gold. If you are looking to invest in Real Estate or give out your apartment to a shortlets manager, she is the go-to person. Her high-profile list of clienteles can confidently go to sleep trusting her profound managerial skills with integrity. As the year 2021 beacons, she is planning a massive take over. With lots of construction projects underway, she will give her competitors a run for their money.

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