Akudo Abengowe Reaches a New Milestone with Release of River Girl, an African Literary

Akudo Abengowe

Akudo Abengowe, former editor of Hints and Beauty Box Magazines’ and former General Editor of True tales Publications (Hints, Beauty BOX, Hello Nigeria and Complete Fashion), has launched her debut mini-novel titled RIVER GIRL. Akudo started her writing career in 2000, as an undergraduate through the Hints T&B Mini Series and had 3 published mini-novels to her credit. She also worked for years as a writer across CreativeWriting, Fashion & Beauty writing, Scriptwriting and Content Development. Akudo besides working in TTP also created so many magazines such as HF Magazine, UFO Magazine and Addictive Magazine. She’s currently exploring Acting, Directing and Integrated Marketing Communications.

River Girl is an African Literary Fiction, which details some of the African myths, and our sometimes not-too-familiar ties with them. It is a subtle tale bestriding the past and the present. It has one foot in the prehistoric universe. It deals with a belief that existed when the supernatural world was an extension of daily human existence, and there was no as science we know it.

River Girl, is an exhaustive and expressive account of the life of an upwardly mobile woman, Akwaugo and a seemingly family inheritance which she only discovered in her prime as a result of incessant pains and rejections.River Girl, explores our readiness to embrace our African culture, accept it and acknowledge it without necessarily conforming to it.

“It took me a long time to write River Girl even though the story had been in my head for years. I had to consider a lot of factors, including my faith, but at the end of the day, it is a good story and every good story deserves to be told”

Akudo also goes forward to say that River Girl will get every reader thinking and evaluating their lives as well as probably investigating their family lineage.

The short novel River Girl is available for $3,99 on Amazon through this linkhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MQDF7W7

And also available on Okada Books for N1,000 through this link https://okadabooks.com/search?query=RIVER+GIRL

River Girls also sells for N1,000 in book stores Hub Media, CSS Bookshop and Terra Kulture, amongst other book stores.

River Girl is a must read and comes with Akudo’s over twenty years’ experience in fiction and creative writing.

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