Lanre Teriba Sets For 8th Anniversary Of Oke-Sioni


Lanre Teriba Sets For 8th Anniversary Of Oke-Sioni


Come 28th September, famous inspirational singer, Lanre Teriba better known as Atorise, will be playing host to family, friends, fans and lovers of the good news, at Isara Remo, Ogun State, when he will be celebrating the 8th anniversary of his founded worship and prayer sanctuary known as, Oke-Sioni.

Expectedly, some mind blowing activities have been lined in commemoration of the anniversary. These include gospel artistes of various talents and inspirations booked to use their craft to highlight essence of the event. Men and women of God from different places are also expected to attract the face of the Lord to the event as well as make the event significant for those who will be privileged to share in the blessing of the day. The theme of the programme is Ewa Ogo (Beauty of His Glory)

The chief convener, Lanre in a brief chat speaks about the essence of Oke- Sioni and what is expected for the oncoming anniversary.

Speaking about essence of the worship and prayer sanctuary, Lanre went down memory lane recalling what informed the founding of such place since he’s not known as a clergy, and the fulfillment he derives having run the sanctuary for eight years.

“To start with, I am confident and pleased to say I owe everything I am today to God. And it was in the spirit of reaching out with good news that I was led to set up a place that is specially designed for people to seek the face of the Lord and connect with his good news.” He said.

Continuing, “It is going to be eight years in matter of days since Oke-Sioni was founded, and this gladdens my heart that God has upheld his work. And beyond the anniversary, I feel fulfilled that many lives have been touched and imparted at Oke-Sioni. God has connected people with their destiny helpers there; people have found meaning and purpose for their lives there, through seeking the face of the Lord there. These and many more are the reasons we are looking forward to the 8th year anniversary with excitement”.

“For the anniversary, it’s going to be a great and memorable day. I would not want to let certain cats out of the bag now, but sure we are going to be having gospel singers and servants of God that will do justice to the theme of the event which is Ewa Ogo”. Atorise said via telephone call.

Meanwhile, in the concluded month of August Lanre released a new track titled OLODUMARE. The song is available for streaming and downloads across all digital platforms.


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